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Profile of Welders N.V.


Welders N.V., an independent Belgian Company, has been committed for 58 years to serving Process Industries worldwide, particularly Hydrocarbon, upstream and downstream, and Chemical Processing Industries. Heat exchanger in Duplex Stainless steel

Specialised in the Design, Engineering & Fabrication of high-integrity Custom Process Equipment destined to aggressive atmospheres, Welders N.V. manufactures pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, piping systems and components, in heat and corrosion-resistant alloys.

Drawing upon its unique diversified technical expertise and well-proven experience, it handles an extremely wide range of high-performance materials.

In particular, Welders N.V. has spearheaded the use of Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steels and has built-up a unique know-how in the fabrication of equipment in Nickel, Nickel-base alloys, Titanium and Zirconium, designed for the most demanding applications.

Recognised throughout the industry, Welders’ products are used by 90% of the world’s largest chemical groups, Top 5 oil majors and many leading regional power houses.

54m column in G3

A global player, Welders exports 75% of its production worldwide. Over the last decade it has shipped over 3000 major items to some 180 blue-chip customers in 70 countries on the 5 continents.

  • A repeat order rate of over 80% is a vibrant testimonial of Welders’ equipment reliability and competitiveness. The quality of Welders products is further guaranteed by compliance with ISO 9001 Standards and the ASME U-Stamp requirements.