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A pioneer in the fabrication of Ferritic austenitic stainless steels

Closely associated with development programmes carried out by reputed Welding Research Institutes, Welders has for the past 20 years pioneered the design and construction of equipment in Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels for demanding applications in off-shore, oil and gas, fertilisers, chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, and in seawater cooling. Column in Duplex Stainless Steel

The diversified experience gained with different codes and standards (ASME, Stoomwezen, AD Merkblätter and CODAP), coupled with varied end-user exacting specifications and combined with the expertise of our technicians and engineers allowed us to build-up a unique know-how in the forming, machining, welding, assembly and treatment of this stainless steel specific category.

Welders N.V. has gained international recognition by demonstrating time and again that it could meet critical requirements such as limited ferrite range, large grain size, restricted Nickel contents, etc.

Critically, welding processes are selected in function of the alloy characteristics and properties to suit each specific application, not only to impart mechanical strength but also and more importantly to maximise corrosion resistance in actual operation. For instance, Welding procedures optimally integrate heat input and cooling cycles, with a view to keep the delicate ferrite austenite balance and to maintain the alloy unique micro structure.

No wonder that Welders’ equipment passed with flying colours the most exacting corrosion tests performed by uncompromising end-users, such as Exxon, BP, BASF and Solvay. This corrosion resistance performance has been validated by impeccable track-record in service, with no single failure reported to date. Welders’ expertise encompasses UNS S31803, UNSS32205, UNSS32550, UNSS32750 and UNSS32760 specifications.

Extremely valuable experience has been gained in demanding applications, in processes such as :
 - VCM / PVC - Glycol
 - Urea / Ammonia - Pharmaceuticals
 - Fertilizers - DHDS
 - Esters and Resins - Seawater cooling
 - Amines

Recent references comprise :
 - 35 Heat exchangers, condensers and coolers
 - 6 major Columns among which one 50m long, 30mm thick, 80 tons hydrolyser
 - 30 Pressure Vessels and Reactors
 - Pipework and components (spools, cooling coils, air receivers, pump casings, etc.)

Prestigious customers in these materials include members or associates of AKZO NOBEL, BASF, BP, DEGUSSA, DOW CHEMICALS, EPC, EXXON, GENERAL ELECTRIC, KEMIRA, NORSK HYDRO, QAFCO, SHELL and SOLVAY, with production units spread over the 5 continents.

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