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Titanium : a well established tradition

Reactor in Titanium Gr.2Welders N.V. has accumulated 30 years experience in the design and construction of equipment and parts in Titanium, used for critical applications in highly corrosive atmospheres – mainly in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, fertilisers, pulp and paper and metallurgical industries – or wherever brackish or seawater is used as cooling medium.

TUBE BUNDLE ADGASWELDERS has built, in various Titanium grades, a wide range of shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, heaters, coolers, columns, reactors, tanks, internals, rotating parts, spools, pipework, valves and pump casings, and components.
This equipment representing an aggregate weight of over 2000 tonnes has been installed in 21 countries spread over Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, America, South East Asia and the Far East. Shell and tube heat exchangers account for a major share of the above production, with some 150 items delivered or under construction.

Welders’ Titanium equipment is used in many corrosive processes including :
 - Acetic Acid  - Oil Production
 - Acid Gas Removal  - Pharmaceuticals
 - Alkali  - PTA    
 - Ammonia  - Pulp and Paper
 - Caustic Soda  - PVC
 - Chlorine  - Refinery
 - DHDS  - Salt
 - Fertilizers  - Seawater Cooling
 - Gas Production, Processing & Distribution  - Sodium Sulphate
 - Herbicides  - Sulphuric Acid
 - Metallurgy  - Titanium Dioxide
 - Mining  - Urea

The example below shows the benefits Welders’ equipment can bring to your organisation. Selected by a large Sodium Sulphate Producer for replacing its Brine Coolers, Welders Titanium Heat Exchangers quadrupled intervals between maintenance, boosted production and enhanced the entire plant profitability.

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