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Zirconium : a unique expertise

Thanks to a close collaboration with some of the world chemical leading producers, Welders has, since 1981, built-up a unique expertise in the handling and fabrication of Zirconium material for demanding applications in the most corrosive chemical processes. In particular, Welders has constructed a wide range of equipment destined to the production of Formic and Acetic Acids, which rank among the most aggressive media.

Zirconium colomn

Welders’ current track record in Zirconium includes some 40 large-capacity heat exchangers in various configurations and designs (condensers, reboilers, coolers,) in both solid & clad forms, columns & reactors, spools, pipework, internals, and pump and valve casings. Prominent among these references is one 38m long column in Solid Zirconium 702. Welders N.V. has also supplied major equipment in Zirconium in accordance with European PED regulations, which guarantees a smooth order implementation and timely delivery for items subjected to these rules.

Many repeat orders testify to the end-users’ total satisfaction in Welders services. Significantly, one of the world’s largest Formic Acid Producer uses Welders heat exchangers for some 75% of its manufacturing capacity and keeps relying on Welders’ for its expansion plans.

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