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Special Expertise in Heat Transfer Equipment

Heat exchanger with finned tubes in Titanium Gr.2Welders N.V. has established its specialisation in heat transfer equipment thanks to the construction of over 1000 large-capacity heat exchangers, coolers, condensers, evaporators, etc. featuring an exchange surface exceeding 3,500m² and up to 4m diameter.

About half of Welders’ production in shell and tube heat exchangers goes for the replacement of existing equipment; for rehabilitation, capacity expansion or energy saving. This provides Welders’ engineers with unique hands-on exposure to the multi-faceted factors affecting heat exchangers performance.


Heat exchanger in Zr 702 & 316LReplacement combined with material upgrading, usually within restricted space, requires the comprehensive review and adaptation of design and configuration, and the switch to new fabrication techniques, a challenge to the designer’s creativity.

Building upon this unique experience, Welders’ engineers are ideally geared to optimise your heat exchangers rating, maximise cost-effectiveness and select the most appropriate construction techniques. This methodical approach ensures trouble-free operation, under the most demanding conditions, contributes to easier and quicker maintenance and greater efficiency.

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